So you’re ready for your next adventure?

So am I!

I’m Michela (mih~keh~luh, just to help you guys out!). I recently graduated and as a History major, was totally guilty of daydreaming in class about traveling the world I was learning about from my textbooks.

So far, I’d say I’ve been pretty fortunate to do that. I traveled all throughout college and have so much more planned ahead.

I’m from Tampa, Florida and while traveling will always be my number one passion & theme on this blog, I have so many other passions & interests – just like you!

But I’ve always struggled with balancing them. I’ve constantly doubted – can I pull it off, be satisfied in every interest I have, asking myself: where can I get the inspiration and resources to go the distance & achieve so many goals in my own life – literally and figuratively?

Well, if that sounds anything like you then welcome! We are all human and we all desire to live our best life, well-rounded and full of productivity and adventure.

I’m here to share my expertise, experiences & my struggles (because we all have them) so that you have the resources and inspiration to go the distance in your own life.

So, what’s in it for you here?

  • I’m going to share all of my travel expertise for the trips you’re dreaming up & penning on those bucket lists.
  • I’ll be giving you style guides & packing tips for your love of fashion and travel – because there’s nothing more fun (but stressful!) than styling your life into a suitcase.
  • Learn endless information and hacks on how to improve your photography for your travels & of course, your Insta feed.

Yes, that might be a lot to cover, but good thing this blog has all the space for it!

Start here with my free travel & photography resources in The Travel Library.

Society makes it feel like after graduating the only option is to buckle down and stick to one thing that’s going to make you money.

I don’t want to believe that one has to sacrifice all of their passions to conform to that standard.

And I am sure there are so many other young adult girls (and boys!) like me out there who want to be a BOSS in everything they do!

I want this blog to be a hub for empowerment and inspiration, learning and growing, and a bit of girly fun to indulge in (sorry boys, just for a little bit). I, too, am here to learn, be inspired, dream, and see the world.

Let’s go the distance together.


Michela Marie

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