The 19-Step International Travel Checklist: How to Prepare to Go Abroad

Traveling internationally is both exciting and intimidating – with so many moving parts to keep track of while trip planning, you don’t want to forget essentials that will make your international travel experience safe and stress-free. With this international travel…


The Best Toiletries Packing List & Tips for Mess-Free, Space-Saving Packing

Packing toiletries is usually left to the last minute, meaning it’s often one of the packing categories where we can easily forget to grab something before we head out the door and on our adventure. A thorough toiletries packing list…


15 Fun & Productive Things to Do on Long Flights To Avoid Boredom

Long-haul flights are bittersweet. You’re off to a destination far, far away which is incredibly exciting. But first you have to survive hours in a seat that barely fits your body and try to keep from becoming bored out of…


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